Extraordinary press conference of Vice President Abazović on the occasion of the decision of the TS on the termination of the function of state prosecutors

The Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dr. Dritan Abazović, spoke at an extraordinary press conference on the decision of the Prosecutorial Council to terminate the function of state prosecutors who have met the conditions for exercising the right to an old-age pension. "The chief special prosecutor has been dismissed and the fight against organized crime and corruption is finally making sense. I am extremely happy that all the theses that the new Prosecutorial Council is politicized have fallen into the water. You witnessed a broader consensus at today's session, Montenegro can be reconciled ", stated Abazović. He said that no one has anything personal against Milivoj Katnić, but that everyone wants to see a new GST that will resolutely oppose organized criminal groups and those who want to keep Montenegro in the past. "I expect the Prosecutorial Council to announce a competition when the conditions for that are met." "I think this is a great day for Montenegro and for European integration," said Abazovic.