Abazovićmet with KAP workers who were protesting in front of the Government building

The Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dr. Dritan Abazović, received the workers of the Aluminum Plant Podgorica, who protested in front of the Government building, and the meeting was also attended by labor inspectors from the Directorate for Inspection Affairs, Zlatko Popović and Predrag Nešković. At the meeting, the representatives of KAP workers informed Vice President Abazović about the problems they are facing, noting that their benefited length of service was not paid during the bankruptcy, but only for regular length of service, which now prevents them from retiring. Representatives of KAP workers informed Vice President Abazović about various omissions they followed during the bankruptcy proceedings, pointing out violations of basic human rights. They stated that due to these omissions of the previous owners of KAP, 145 workers cannot exercise their right to a pension, and that with the disputed Conclusion from 2013, the Government's obligation to them amounted to around eight million euros. Vice President Abazović pointed out that he understood their problem and that the state would do everything within the legal framework to find a solution that would satisfy the disenfranchised KAP workers whose employment contract expired in December.