Seesox (South East European Oxford) Conference on "Open Balkans and / or European Union"

The Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dr. Dritan Abazović, participated in the Seesox (South East European Oxford) conference held on the topic "Open Balkans and / or the European Union". Speaking about Montenegro's attitude towards regional initiatives, Abazovic stated that our state strongly supports any kind of improvement of cooperation. "For us, the EU is the main priority and the final stop on the reform path. If we look at the Open Balkans as an alternative to the EU, then we are not in favor of that, but I am not sure that this initiative is in conflict with European integration. On the contrary, any kind of deeper cooperation would lead to faster reforms. The goal is to work on reconciliation, but also on improving the standard of living. "The two most important" pillars "of the region's transformation are the rule of law and the economy," Abazovic said. In addition to Deputy Prime Minister Abazovic, the conference was attended by Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti, Bujar Osmani, RSM Foreign Minister Zef Mazi, Albania's chief negotiator with the EU, and Jesse Barton of the University of North Carolina. , Director of European Studies for Southeast Europe at Oxford University and Belina Budini, Dean of the European University in Tirana and Academic Adviser at St. Anthony College at Oxford University.