Press conference on the occasion of signing the contract with the hotel "Mediteran" in Ulcinj, 12.10.2021.

Conference on the occasion of signing the contract between the Government of Montenegro, "Becovic management group Chicago" and HTP "Ulcinjska rivijera", which plans to invest 13 million euros in the hotel "Mediteran" in Ulcinj and upgrade existing capacity for service that would be four plus and five asterisks. The conference was addressed by the Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro Dr. Dritan Abazović, Minister of Economic Development Jakov Milatović, American investor and executive director of "Becovic management group Chicago" Isa Bećović and executive director of HTP "Ulcinjska rivijera" Bojan Đakonović. Deputy Prime Minister Abazović pointed out that anyone who wants to do fair business in Montenegro is more than welcome, and that those who do not respect the rules of the game, laws and the Constitution of Montenegro, will have to give up their rights based on the signed contract. Abazović pointed out that the ambition is that Ulcinj, along with this hotel, as well as with the hotel "Albatross", "Galeb" and what are the plans for Velika plaža, represents a new tourist value for whole Montenegro. "We want investments to come from the West and America. We have huge ambitions for Ulcinj and Montenegro. We want to change Ulcinj, and through Ulcinj the whole of Montenegro".