Participation at the Academy for Civil and Political Participation

"We are a demotivating society. My message to you is optimistic and motivating. There is nothing you cannot accomplish. Believe in yourself. Be participatory, be powerful in that, present and stand behind your ideas and have a vision ", said the Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro Dr. Dritan Abazović at the Academy for Civil and Political Participation, organized by the Center for Democracy and Human Rights (CEDEM) in cooperation with the Hanns Seidel Foundation in Kolasin. In a conversation with the students of the Academy, Abazovic pointed out that we have an obligation to create a society where more young people will be integrated because they bring new energy, noting that the process began in Montenegro, but also in the region. "Demonopolization of the political scene is very good. People feel an excess of freedom. We need to build a participatory type of political culture because in that way we value ourselves, but we are also doing a good thing for our country, "Abazović pointed out. Abazovic told the young people to study what they love, emphasizing that they need to transfer the work to things that they believe can be achieved. The Deputy Prime Minister pointed out that he is a great optimist for Montenegro and that the road we are currently crossing is just a piece of a difficult section that must be passed in order to reach a wide and safe route that Montenegro should take in the future.