A visit to the Berane General Hospital

The Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dr. Dritan Abazović, visited Ivo Rabrenović, who was accidentally injured in the shooting, and who is currently being treated at the General Hospital in Berane. "I had a moral and civic obligation to visit him and shake his hand. I am very glad that his health condition is favorable at the moment. The obligation of the state is to put an end to criminals, those who walk the streets armed. Our obligation is to increase the security of citizens to a higher level ", Abazović pointed out in a statement for the media in front of the General Hospital Berane. Accompanied by Tihomir Bogavac, President of the Municipality of Berane, Dr. Milorad Magdelinić, Director of the General Hospital of Berane and Radun Stojanović, Head of the Security Center of Berane, Abazović visited the General Hospital of Berane where Rabrenović was injured yesterday. Abazovic pointed out that the obligation of the Police Administration, the ANB and other structures is to give the maximum that the state will once and for all deal with criminals and those who are trying to relapse the past to the present. Abazović, on behalf of the Government of Montenegro, said that this will not be possible in the coming period, noting that citizens want security and that they feel comfortable in every place in Montenegro and that the state will enable them to feel that way.