11. 2BS Forum organized by the Atlantic Alliance of Montenegro, 15.10.2021.

"Montenegro must accept to be a part of the modern world. It does not occur to us to sacrifice Montenegro and its European path for the sake of functions or positions in certain structures. We all need to change, we need to change our patterns of behavior and realize that we cannot just rhetorically advocate democratic standards. Our behavior - morally, politically and civilly - must be in accordance with those standards", emphasized the Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dr. Dritan Abazović. Abazovic said that he would like the train that will take us to the European Union to have many more passengers than it is now. "Montenegro is mostly obsessed with Chapters 23 and 24, which rely on the rule of law, and the security sector is trying to deliver results. However, we as the executive cannot take over the work of the judiciary". Referring to the current political situation, Abazovic pointed out that he had not heard from other political entities that someone spoke about the Government's program instead of the number of ministries, emphasizing that this is what separates responsible politics from collecting cheap political points. "Montenegro has no time to lose. I think that our message is very clear - no one can realize their political agendas that go against the national interests of Montenegro over our backs".