Joint press conference of Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro Dr Dritan Abazović and Deputy Prime Minister of the RSM Fatmir Bitići

"Today's meeting confirms our strong commitment to even more intensive cooperation and strengthening friendly relations between the two countries," said Montenegrin Deputy Prime Minister Dr Dritan Abazovic and RSM Deputy Prime Minister Fatmir Bytyci, who is on an official visit to Montenegro. Abazovic stated that there is a lasting friendship between the two countries, which is unbreakable and which is for the benefit of the citizens of the two countries, and an example in the region. Vice President Abazović pointed out that the idea and ambition of the Government of Montenegro is to have identical relations with the countries of the Western Balkans as with Northern Macedonia, emphasizing that outside the tourist season we want intensive distribution of people, goods and services and connecting chambers of commerce. RSM Deputy Prime Minister Fatmir Bytyci noted that the two of them promised at the previous meeting that they would continue to work hard and support efforts to intensify relations between the two countries, in order to develop the entire Western Balkans region.