Official start of returning property on Valdanos to old owners

The Administration for Cadastre and State Property and its regional unit in Ulcinj issued the first decisions returning the confiscated property to the old owners of property in Valdanos in 1978. We note that the issue of olive groves in Valdanos Bay was brought up again on December 17, 2020, when Vice President Abazović, as part of an official visit to the municipality of Ulcinj, visited Valdanos Bay and talked with old olive grove owners and representatives of the Olive Growers Association. A few days after the official visit to Ulcinj and Valdanos, the Association of Olive Growers officially addressed the Deputy Prime Minister with a request to allow revitalization, arrangement of olive groves and cleaning of access roads. In cooperation with the Cabinet of Abazovic, the Ministry of Finance and Social Welfare, the Ministry of Defense, the Army of Montenegro and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, the mentioned request was realized, in the presence of government representatives on February 6, 2021.