Press conference on the construction of a 5-star hotel in Bar

We want to affirm Montenegro as a tourist destination where major world hotel brands come and send good signals and messages of our country's openness to investment in tourism, said Montenegrin Deputy Prime Minister Dr Dritan Abazovic at a press conference on the construction of the five-star Radison Hotel. Baru. Abazović pointed out that this investment is important for the city of Bar in many ways, considering that it did not have a five-star hotel as a tourist destination. The Deputy Prime Minister mentioned that the line ministers undertook all activities regarding the creation of quality documentation which will preserve the integrity of the state in every possible scenario. Vice President of the Radison Hotel Group David Jenkis said that Montenegro is a beautiful country whose existing tourist infrastructure will be improved and that the Radison Group has long been interested in coming to Montenegro. President of Liko Soho Group Igor Lisov stated that they have submitted the necessary documentation and bank guarantees and that they have very serious intentions. Lisov pointed out that the first phase of the project includes a hotel complex with a complete infrastructure of 322 hotel apartments.