Meeting with representatives of the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR)

The Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dr. Dritan Abazović, hosted ECFR representatives in Villa Gorica today, including the editor-in-chief of the prestigious magazine "Le Monde" Sylvie Kauffmann, former Member of the European Parliament (EP) and President of the International Institute for Peace (IPI) Hannes Swoboda, former Croatian Foreign Minister Vesna Pusić, then Vessela Tcherneva, EFCR Vice President and Ivan Vejvoda, Director and Permanent Associate of the European Project. The meeting expressed satisfaction with maintaining foreign policy priorities and strengthening Montenegro's pro-Western course, but also pointed out the need to "create and strengthen bridges among all sincere pro-Western actors in Montenegrin society, as a basis for successful completion of European integration and some EU membership."